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Christopher Mars Vocal Coach and Producer
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“I learned more from you in one day than I learned from an entire year working with my last instructor”

“Chris has genuine knowledge of what it takes to SING. I look forward to learning from this young mastermind.”

I’m a world class vocal teacher and coach, and one of the only teachers in the region that specializes in modern vocal techniques. I have studied with a number of well-known vocal instructors, and have spent years practicing for hours and hours every day, learning and perfecting on each of their methods to perfect them and gain as much knowledge about singing as possible.

As and innovator in the field of vocal instruction, I have discovered a huge variety of techniques that are extremely effective in helping the artists I work with develop a way of singing based on relaxation, and finesse that works in every style from pop, to rock, rap, jazz, and even extreme distorted and gritty “scream” based metal.

I am not a specialist in musical theatre, broadway or classical singing styles. There are many, many instructors that specialize in those styles of singing, and I would recommend if that is the only area of singing you wish to focus on, you will probably be happier with one of those instructors.

On the other hand, if you have been singing in the broadway/classical method of singing, and have “hit a wall” in your progress, are experiencing vocal problems, or have come to that most frustrating of realizations, that 99% of vocal teachers show you only how to sing in these styles, and nothing that they have shown you translates at all to modern singing styles, then I’m here to tell you, it’s going to be okay.

I’ve helped many people out the corner you’re stuck in, and what I show you will not only help you sing modern music, it will make you a standout as a broadway/classical singer as well.

On-Demand Worldwide Online Lessons or In Studio Lessons in Denver, Colorado

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