About Christopher Mars

Producer Vocal Instructor and Artist Development Denver, CO
Christopher Mars Vocal Coach and Producer

Christopher Mars is one of the most talented vocalists in the world, as well as a world leader in extreme metal vocal coaching. With 25 years of experience as a professional singer, musician and producer, and over 13 years coaching, he brings a depth of knowledge and innovation that is unrivaled by any other vocal instructor.

Christopher’s understanding of singing and extreme vocal techniques has allowed him to successfully perform in every popular music genre, from Metal to RnB, Pop, Rock and HipHop. Chris’s knowledge extends far beyond technique, and he uses his experience as a writer and producer to give artists insight into what moves their audiences.

Able to move between Screaming, Growling and Singing with comfort and ease, Christopher’s range is in a word, insane. Extending from the lowest Bass to super high Contra Tenor and beyond, clean or with screaming distortion, from whisper quiet to deafening volume, there is nothing that Chris can’t sing.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys acting, writing, filmmaking, and working out.