Why Just Learn When You Can Make and Record Music Right Now?

Sound Minded Music Academy is the future of the music industry, and it is unlike anything you’ve ever heard of. This is not a school where you learn to play the music of your heroes. This is the place where you come to learn to write and record your own music from day one.

Music Singing Lessons and Producing Denver, Colorado

I am not just a music teacher, I am a songwriter and a producer. I have the tools, skills and experience to make you sound good, regardless of your ability level, and that’s what I’ll do with you as a student at Sound Minded Music Academy.

In 2017, no one wants to "learn to play", and there is no reason that anyone should have to. Technology and humanity have fused into the ultimate musical instrument, and there are no boundaries to what you can create from the first day you start playing or singing. With the right equipment, anyone can make awesome sounding music, if you know how to use it. That is where Sound Minded Music Academy will change your life.

I don't just hand out exercises and teach songs and technique; I write and record songs with you as you learn. Songs that sound like the music you love and has inspired you to want to play. Songs that you will want to share with your friends, family and the world.​

You want to make music, and to be heard. You want to be in a great band, or to be a famous solo artist, but to do that in the traditional way will take you years and years of hard work and luck. In fact, it might not ever happen, but who cares? You can write and record great music you can be proud of with me, today, and start sharing it with the world right away.

Who knows, maybe you'll become the next YouTube sensation or SoundCloud superstar. It happens everyday, and for you, it can all start right now!

Sound Minded Music Academy. We make your dreams reality

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