Extreme Metal Vocal Coaching 

Sound Minded Music Academy is the place to learn absolute control of your voice. Christopher Mars shows you exactly how to survive and dominate as a hardcore metal vocalist on the International Stage.

extreme metal and hardcore vocal coaching

Gain the confidence in your voice and skills you need to move onto the International stage and become one of the world's best singers.

Learn the secrets to screaming, growling and singing in a way that is sustainable and effective.

I am not just someone who sings and plays music, I am a great teacher and coach. I have been writing and performing music since I was twelve years old, and I have been teaching for over fifteen years. I make learning music and singing fun and interesting. My main goal is to inspire a love and understanding of the art form in a way that is simple, yet challenging, and tailored to your unique goals and learning styles. I do not have a set method that I drag every student through, like many of the other music schools I have seen; I pay attention to who each of my students are, how they learn and what they like, and create lessons that are designed for them as individuals.

Christopher Mars
Founder of Sound Minded Music Academy                 
Modern Art Rock Recording Studios Denver, CO

All of our on site lessons take place at Modern Art Rock Studios

  • Fully-Equipped Music Recording Studio
  • Learn With The Latest Equipment and Technology
  • Convenient South Denver Location

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