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Sound Minded Music Academy is Denver's premier music lesson facility, offering singing lessons, guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons and music theory instruction out of the state of the art Modern Art Rock Studios in Denver, Colorado.

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Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons for all ages, styles and genres

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I am not just someone who sings and plays music, I am a great teacher and coach. I have been writing and performing music since I was twelve years old, and I have been teaching for over fifteen years. I make learning music and singing fun and interesting. My main goal is to inspire a love and understanding of the art form in a way that is simple, yet challenging, and tailored to your unique goals and learning styles. I do not have a set method that I drag every student through, like many of the other music schools I have seen; I pay attention to who each of my students are, how they learn and what they like, and create lessons that are designed for them as individuals.

Chris Evans
Founder of Sound Minded Music Academy                 

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All of our on site lessons take place at Modern Art Rock Studios

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Vocal Method All Access Online Singing Lessons

The Most Affordable Professional Vocal Instruction Method Available

24 hour access to hours of high-quality HD streaming videos, available on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Video library that is constantly growing from a seasoned, professional vocal coach and performing professional singer!

Our exclusive library of videos explains vocal and singing concepts such as:

  • Breath Support and Control
  • Repairing a Blown-Out Voice with Vocal Fry
  • Expanding Your Range to C6 and Beyond
  • Bridging and Connecting Your Registers
  • Covering and Placement
  • How To Sing Anything From R&B to Metal
  • and Much More...

Your All-Access Membership also includes:

  • Access to the exclusive member forum
  • Opportunities to send performance videos for personalized progress feedback

I am a professional jazz singer, and these vocal videos have been a wonderful addition to my regular warm-up routine. I can honestly say that I have seen my voice improve, after decades of training and I have better control. This has allowed me to perform more confidently in the past few months and I couldn't be happier. Chris is a true professional, who has studied the voice extensively. Highly recommended!

Brenda R.
Philadelphia, PA                 

Chris is a brilliant coach! I was having so much trouble with pushing and straining, and he has helped me finally stop blowing out my voice every night. My range has increased from G4 to F#5 in just a couple of months. I can sing for HOURS at a time and my voice gets better and better as the night goes on. I have learned so much - he is constantly posting new videos and they always help me get better. Chris is the real thing!

Emmanuel M.
Seattle, WA                 

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